Farmlands bill seen by advocates as latest attack on Pinelands

Tweet Share on Facebook Print What seemed an innocuous local bill helping kids play soccer has inflamed a statewide fight over the future of the Pinelands – arguably New Jersey’s most cherished ecological asset. Amid a raft of bills that were hurried through the legislature last week in the waning days of the session was one ( S2125) pushed by state Sen.

Paper estimates widespread tree death in Southwestern forests under global warming scenarios

A research paper published today in Nature Climate Change predicts widespread death of needleleaf evergreen trees (NET) within the Southwest United States by the year 2100 under projected global warming scenarios. The research team that conducted the study, which includes University of Delaware’s Sara Rauscher, considered both field results and a range of validated regional predictions and global simulation models of varying complexity, in reaching this grim conclusion.
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Conservationists choose their 12 trees of Christmas

From the section Science & Environment Conservationists are unveiling their 12 trees of Christmas, in a bid to highlight the plight facing some of the world’s threatened conifers. As decorated trees take centre-stage in many homes over the festive period, tree experts hope the campaign will raise awareness of at-risk species.

Almost one third of the world’s cactus species are threatened with extinction

MEXICO CITY – About a third of the world’s cactus species are threatened with extinction, the International Union for Conservation of Nature warns in a new report. The study evaluated 1,478 species and determined that 31 percent are endangered due to factors such as the conversion of wilderness areas to farming and ranching, urban development and the harvest of cactus seeds and plants for trade and private collection.

Climate change decimating key plant species on Macquarie Island

‘Dieback of the cushion plants and mosses is rapid, progressive and widespread …’ Staff Report FRISCO – Dramatic climate-driven ecosystem changes on Macquarie Island (about a third of the way between New Zealand and Antarctica) may foreshadow changes coming to Colorado’s alpine zone. Researchers with the Australian Antarctic Division say old-growth cushion plants and mosses…

House Panel Passes Bill Authorizing Pipeline Corridors in National Parks

Committee on Natural Resources
In a move lawmakers hope will streamline the pipeline permitting process and provide additional natural gas to the East Coast, the House Committee on Natural Resources passed a bill Thursday granting the secretary of the Department of the Interior (DOI) the power to negotiate rights-of-way for gas pipelines through national park lands.