Study of sick bass in Susquehanna cites endocrine disrupters

Hormone-altering compounds and herbicides are likely weakening the immune systems of Susquehanna River smallmouth bass, making them more susceptible to diseases, and that, in turn, has caused a population collapse for the bass, the river’s most popular recreational fish, a new study has concluded.

Effect of Climate Change on Invasion Risk of Giant African Snail in India

The Giant African Snail ( Achatina fulica ) is considered to be one the world’s 100 worst invasive alien species. The snail has an impact on native biodiversity, and on agricultural and horticultural crops. In India, it is known to feed on more than fifty species of native plants and agricultural crops and also outcompetes the native snails.
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Sharks’ plight highlights climate threats

Species in the oceans and on land and ice are increasingly feeling the effects – largely for the worst – that climate change and ocean acidification have on their habitats. LONDON, 20 November, 2015 ? Global warming will be bad news for sharks ? they will be hungrier, but they may not be able to scent their prey.