Fracking fears raised by U.K. methane gas study

Research on the amount of gas leaked from onshore oil and gas wells raises “serious questions” over the development of fracking in the UK, Greenpeace has said. Around a third of former onshore oil and gas wells are leaking methane gas, according to the research led by scientists at the University of Durham.

More rural water wells polluted in Barnett Shale

As Texas oil and gas regulators continue to deny any link between drilling and underground water contamination, more families’ water supplies turn up polluted. PALO PINTO COUNTY, Texas – Top state oil and gas officials have said it repeatedly: There is no credible link between fracking and groundwater contamination.
via WFAA

Leak May Have Tainted Some East Bay Water Supplies

A hazardous chemical leak at an oil field in Livermore may have contaminated an underground aquifer used for drinking water, according to inspection reports obtained by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit. E&B Natural Resources, which operates the oil field, failed to quickly notify state and local regulators of the leak, despite legal obligations to report it immediately.

U.S. Thirst for Oil Straining International Water Supplies

Rising energy demand is straining freshwater supplies globally, especially in the developing world, and U.S. oil demand is disproportionately responsible for that strain, a new study says. Global freshwater resources are a critical climate issue because global warming could threaten drinking water supplies for billions of people worldwide, as droughts become more severe, seas rise and precipitation patterns change across the globe.