Adams County neighbors: Too many wells, too close to homes

Proposed drilling site in unicorporated Adams county near Thornton, Colorado.
Residents of Wadley Farms turn out to oppose a proposal for 20 oil and gas wells in the middle of their bucolic neighborhood Posted: 08/12/2015 12:01:00 AM MDT Updated: 08/12/2015 12:10:31 AM MDT ADAMS COUNTY – A rural quiet breathes over the dirt roads and horse corrals of Wadley Farms in Adams County, a community of 120 homes cocooned in splendid solace amid the thrum of suburban life in nearby Thornton.

Property losses from northern California wildfire nearly double

The higher damage figures from the California Department of Forestry and Fire Prevention (Cal Fire) coincided with an ominous U.S. Forest Service report that more than half its total budget is, for the first time, being spent on fire suppression across the country.

Resilient shores: After Sandy, climate scientists and architects explore how to co-exist with rising tides

The wind, rain and waves of Hurricane Sandy in 2012 devastated homes along the New Jersey coast and beyond. Today, Princeton University climate scientists and architects are part of an interdisciplinary team exploring ways to co-exist with rising tides, including reengineering natural features, such as those imagined above, and designing “amphibious suburbs” that can tolerate periodic floods.

Report: Sandy was wake-up call we better heed

A new Army Corps of Engineers report warns that unless coastal residents and state and local leaders from the Carolinas to Maine rethink their approach to shoreline development, the next big storm will be equal to or worse than Hurricane Sandy – with its $65 billion in losses, 159 deaths and 650,000 homes damaged or destroyed.

TransCanada begins condemnation proceedings in Nebraska

Nebraska Keystone fight.image
TransCanada, the company that wants to build the $8 billion Keystone XL pipeline, filed court documents Tuesday in nine Nebraska counties starting eminent domain proceedings to get the 12 percent of easements it still needs here. The Canadian company had until Thursday to begin the condemnation process or lose its eminent domain powers given by former Gov.

Largest-Ever Study Quantifies Value Of Rooftop Solar

The largest-ever study of its kind, conducted by a multi-institutional research team led by scientists from the US Department of Energy’s Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (Berkeley Lab), in partnership with Sandia National Laboratories, universities, and appraisers, concluded that home buyers are more than willing to pay a premium on their house if it comes with a solar