Lobbyists Swarm Congress Over Carbon Rules Resolutions

By Anthony Adragna Jan. 25 – Despite the low odds of gaining enough votes to block President Barack Obama’s signature environmental regulations, more than 40 groups reported lobbying Congress during the fourth quarter of 2015 on the Congressional Review Act resolutions to kill the rules. Organizations ranging from large coal companies like Arch Coal Inc.
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Oil lobby prepares to sway US presidential race

By Ed King Climate change merited just one mention in the American Petroleum Institute’s annual State of American Energy report – and that’s in the references. The US trade association, which represents 400 companies including Shell, BP, Chevron and ExxonMobil, also steered clear of December’s UN pact agreed by 195 countries to tackle global warming.

Poll: Most Republicans support Paris climate pact

Most Republicans who have heard about the Paris climate agreement support international work to combat climate change, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Wednesday. Fifty-eight percent of Republicans told pollsters they support U.S. involvement in a global push to fight climate change, like the one reached by countries in Paris earlier this month.

Oil export ban hypocrisy

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If you were wondering how seriously world leaders took the obligations they imposed on themselves in Paris over the weekend, the early returns would indicate: not very. Barely 48 hours after all the back-patting at the climate conference had ended, word leaked out in Washington that the administration and Congress were preparing to lift the 40-year ban on oil exports, a major gift to the oil industry.

The Assault on Climate Science

State College, Pa. – WITH world leaders gathered in Paris to address climate change, most of the planet seems to have awakened to the reality that the Earth is warming and that we’re responsible. But not Lamar Smith, the Texas Republican who is chairman of the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology.

Crude export ban, Keystone XL amendments head to House floor

H.R. 8
A sweeping package from the House Energy and Commerce Committee, likely to clear the chamber this week, has become the latest vehicle for repeal of the crude export ban and speeding the permitting process for projects like Keystone XL. House lawmakers today will debate a rule adopted yesterday by the House Rules Committee that sets up parameters for consideration of H.R.
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