Paris climate pact sinks coal stocks, lifts renewable energy

A landmark deal to curb global warming dented shares of fossil fuel companies on Monday and lifted renewable energy stocks, although some price swings were muted by the non-binding nature of the pact. The deal forged at the Paris climate summit is widely seen as the most important climate agreement since the 1997 Kyoto Protocol.

The Destination in Paris Climate Talks Was a Journey That Begins Now

Between the tumultuous breakdown in Copenhagen in 2009 and the cheers and bubbly in Paris on Saturday, climate change diplomacy underwent a grand metamorphosis. For more than two decades, the world’s variegated nations were – impossibly – trying to undertake a common ( but differentiated) journey toward some grand top-down solution.

Climate Accord Draws Mixed Reaction From Business Leaders

With the ink barely dry on a landmark climate accord, nations now face an even more daunting challenge: how to get their industries to go along. If nothing else, analysts and experts say, the accord is a signal to businesses and investors that the era of carbon reduction has arrived.