Bid to mine more coal on U.S. federal lands tests Obama’s green agenda

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama’s State of the Union pledge to better manage fossil fuel development will face a test within days, when federal officials rule on whether to open public lands containing more than 600 million tons of coal to more mining. Interior Department officials are due to decide Jan.

Obama touts progress on climate, calls for economic help for coal states

President Obama took credit Tuesday for surging growth in solar and wind power during his seven years in office, while hinting of new efforts to limit pollution from oil and gas operations. Obama framed the expansion of renewable energy as an economic success story, but one that happens to pay dividends for the health of the planet.

U.S. Coal Production Dropped to 30-Year Low in 2015

Coal production in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest level in 30 years thanks in part to low natural gas prices and climate policies encouraging utilities to switch to natural gas to generate electricity. It was 1986 when coal production in the U.S. was as low as it is today, according to U.S.

Clash for Obama Ahead of Paris Climate Change Summit

WASHINGTON-Republicans in Congress are mounting a multifront attack on President Barack Obama’s climate-change agenda, seeking to weaken his position ahead of a Paris summit the president hopes will lead to a historic global agreement. Republicans are targeting new Obama administration rules aimed at cutting carbon emissions from power plants, and are working to block federal dollars from supporting global climate efforts.
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Republicans Can’t Deny Climate Change Forever (Right?)

On stage at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in mid-September, two-plus hours into the second GOP presidential debate, the candidates were shifting under the glare of the klieg lights as moderator Jake Tapper began grilling Senator Marco Rubio about one of the Republicans’ least favorite topics: climate change.

Why a Paris climate agreement could actually be very good for the U.S.

With the 2015 UN climate conference looming less than a month away, there’s a strong economic reason for the United States to support a strong international agreement to curb carbon emissions, says a new report: There are trillions of dollars to be gained at homefrom other countries’ climate mitigation efforts.

Scientists Urge National Initiative on Microbiomes

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Scores of leading scientists on Wednesday urged the creation of a major initiative to better understand the microbial communities critical to both human health and every ecosystem. In two papers published simultaneously in the journals Science and Nature, the scientists called for a government-led effort akin to the Brain Initiative, a monumental multiyear project intended to develop new technologies to understand the human brain.