Coal CEO Wants Court Date Moved So He Can Attend The RNC

WASHINGTON — Robert Murray, the chief executive of coal giant Murray Energy Corp., is suing the head of the Environmental Protection Agency over new rules limiting emissions from power plants. But his lawyers have asked a federal judge to postpone his trial date so he can attend the Republican National Convention this July.

U.S. Senate Begins Debate on Sweeping Bipartisan Energy Bill

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The Senate on Wednesday started debating its first comprehensive energy legislation since the George W. Bush administration, a bipartisan measure meant to update the nation’s power grid and oil and gas transportation systems to address major changes in the ways that power is now produced in the United States.

Lobbyists Swarm Congress Over Carbon Rules Resolutions

By Anthony Adragna Jan. 25 – Despite the low odds of gaining enough votes to block President Barack Obama’s signature environmental regulations, more than 40 groups reported lobbying Congress during the fourth quarter of 2015 on the Congressional Review Act resolutions to kill the rules. Organizations ranging from large coal companies like Arch Coal Inc.
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Lame-duck energy, enviro bills signed, vetoed by Christie

For many lobbyists, consultants, association execs, unions and bill sponsors, too, the wait is over. Gov. Christie this afternoon released a much-anticipated list of bills that he has signed and vetoed from the last session.[ Will Gov. Christie sign or pocket-veto energy, enviro bills?

Federal judge in Eugene, Oregon says energy companies may join U.S. government in fight against youths’ climate lawsuit

A federal judge in Eugene will allow trade groups representing some of the world’s largest energy companies to join the U.S. government in trying to stamp out a lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of environmentally minded youths seeking a court order that forces the government to drastically reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

2016 could be the year of the veto override

Tweet Share on Facebook Print After dozens of unsuccessful override attempts by Democrats, Gov. Chris Christie’s perfect veto record remained intact when the last legislative session expired Tuesday. But 2016 may well be the year the Democrat-led Legislature finally punctures that record. Assembly Democrats on Tuesday added four new members to their majority.

State Assembly Puts NJDEP’s Controversial Water-Quality Proposal on Ice

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Exercising seldom-used oversight, legislators yesterday voted to block a controversial new rule proposal that critics say will undermine water-quality protections and increase flooding in the state. By a 45-28-2 vote largely along partisan lines, the Assembly gave final approval to a resolution (), saying that the massive rule revision proposed by the state Department of Environmental Protection last June is inconsistent with legislative intent of current laws.

A Bailout for Volkswagen? Congress Wants to Do Something Absolutely Crazy

A VW sign is seen outside a Volkswagen dealership in London
When Volkswagen admitted to cheating on air pollution standards tests in September, it opened itself up not only to government punishment, but lawsuits from 500,000 U.S. purchasers of its “clean” diesel vehicles. Volkswagen has yet to fix the vehicles to bring them into emissions compliance, and even if it does, that will likely create a lower-performance car than consumers paid for.

Big questions for N.J. on crude oil exports

After the oil industry won a victory by persuading Congress to end a 40-year-old ban on the export of crude, it is far from clear what the impact will be on oil-filled tanker trains traveling through New Jersey.