Canada’s Oilsands GHG emissions to double by 2030

Catherine McKenna
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says “more needs to be done” to curb greenhouse gas emissions, as new data show Canada is drifting further away from its climate targets while the oilsands’ share of national greenhouse emissions is projected to double by 2030.

Coal CEO Wants Court Date Moved So He Can Attend The RNC

WASHINGTON — Robert Murray, the chief executive of coal giant Murray Energy Corp., is suing the head of the Environmental Protection Agency over new rules limiting emissions from power plants. But his lawyers have asked a federal judge to postpone his trial date so he can attend the Republican National Convention this July.

Time for FERC to pipe down – Maya K. van Rossum

Maya van Rossum 2
This month, more than 165 organizations and 2000 concerned people from across America sent a letter to Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) and Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) asking for justice. Not justice for any one individual – justice for the country and the environment.

Federal judge in Eugene, Oregon says energy companies may join U.S. government in fight against youths’ climate lawsuit

A federal judge in Eugene will allow trade groups representing some of the world’s largest energy companies to join the U.S. government in trying to stamp out a lawsuit filed on behalf of a group of environmentally minded youths seeking a court order that forces the government to drastically reduce emissions contributing to climate change.

U.S. Announces Moratorium On New Coal Leases On Federal Lands

Citing concerns over pricing and pollution, the Obama administration is set to unveil a moratorium on new coal leases on federal lands Friday. The change won’t affect existing leases – which generated nearly $1.3 billion for the government last year.

NJ and Neighboring States Call for Probe of Agency’s Natural-Gas Stance

Credit: An independent investigation of the federal agency that oversees construction of natural- gas pipelines is being sought by 165 organizations in New Jersey and neighboring states. Saying the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is biased in favor of the energy industry, the groups are asking two U.S.

Bid to mine more coal on U.S. federal lands tests Obama’s green agenda

WASHINGTON President Barack Obama’s State of the Union pledge to better manage fossil fuel development will face a test within days, when federal officials rule on whether to open public lands containing more than 600 million tons of coal to more mining. Interior Department officials are due to decide Jan.

U.S. taxpayer due to subsidize Koch-controlled coal mine

William Koch
The Obama administration is set to refund as much as $14 million in royalties to a coal company run by billionaire investor William Koch that says it is entitled to the money since the now-shut mine on federal land was costly to operate.

Obama touts progress on climate, calls for economic help for coal states

President Obama took credit Tuesday for surging growth in solar and wind power during his seven years in office, while hinting of new efforts to limit pollution from oil and gas operations. Obama framed the expansion of renewable energy as an economic success story, but one that happens to pay dividends for the health of the planet.