Portland judge poised to sign off on Lac Megantic settlement

Lac Megantic, Lac Megantic train disaster, Canadian Pacific, Maine PORTLAND, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — A $338 million settlement fund for victims of a fiery train derailment that claimed 47 lives in Canada is poised for final approval, but payments could be held up by a legal challenge from one of that country’s largest railways.
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DeSmogCast – The Science of Bomb Trains

This video reviews the science behind the Bakken bomb train phenomena and details the oil industry’s successful efforts to delay any regulations that could resolve the issue. Bakken oil contains natural gas liquids like butane that make the oil extremely volatile and flammable.

Albany County, New York prepares to go to court over oil trains

ALBANY — Concern about crude oil trains, is bringing about legal action in Albany County. The Albany County Executive made the announcement Tuesday. Bebe White lives in the Ezra Prentice homes with his 6-year-old son. His backyard, backs up to trains. He is concerned about the ones that carry crude oil.

Moscow river catches fire after pipeline bursts

Amateur footage shows a large oil fire on the surface of the Moscow river after an underwater pipeline reportedly burst on Wednesday. The Moscow oil refinery, owned by Gazprom Neft, told Reuters it was unaffected by the fire, and did not own the pipeline where the incident occurred.

Two years later, Lac-Mégantic struggles to rebuild

Days before another dark anniversary for Lac-Mégantic, a group of concerned citizens marched to protest the return of crude oil – set to be shipped through the town via rail once again come January – and to call attention to the stalled development of their city centre.

New rules for oil tank cars don’t offer enough fire protection, experts say

When a train hauling volatile crude oil derailed near Galena in March, witnesses said it took about only an hour for tank cars to explode, sending giant fireballs hundreds of feet into the sky. Authorities said the tank cars survived the derailment intact, only to be engulfed in a flaming pool of oil that leaked from damaged cars and was ignited by a spark.