The Great Bear Rainforest: Canada’s gift to the world

Great Bear Rainforest
A deal to finalize the protection of the largest coastal temperate rainforest left on Earth is imminent. Covering a massive swath of Canada’s Pacific coast, the Great Bear Rainforest agreement will be one of the world’s most complex environmental victories and stands to be a global model for overcoming viciously intractable conflicts.

Keystone’s Dead. Here’s What’s Next on the Enviros’ Hit List

Barack Obama belittled the Keystone XL pipeline debate even as he brought it to a close. The project, which would have delivered heavy, oil-sands crude from Western Canada to the Gulf Coast, “has occupied what I, frankly, consider an overinflated role in our political discourse,” he said Friday.

Leave the leaves: How doing less yard work helps the environment

Mulching leaves into the lawn instead of raking them could produce better grass, suggests new research – and keep giant leaf bags out of landfills. Raking leaves, bagging them up, and hauling them away is standard autumnal practice, but scientists and conservationists are beginning to argue you should leave your leaves to be mulched – and risk the side-eye from your tidy-lawned neighbors.

Opinion: Why Didn’t DEP Publicize Wholesale Rewriting of Coastal Rules?

For immediate release: the Christie administration announces placement of colorful new recycling bins in the DEP building lobby, further evidence of Gov. Chris Christie’s commitment to protecting the environment. Did you miss that particular press release from the DEP’s energetic press office, which daily churns out articles on how “green” the Christie administration is?

Molting elephant seals add mercury to coastal seawater

As fish-eating predators at the top of the marine food chain, elephant seals accumulate high concentrations of mercury in their bodies. A new study by scientists at UC Santa Cruz shows that elephant seals shed significant amounts of mercury during molting, resulting in elevated concentrations of the toxic metal in coastal waters near the elephant seal rookery at Año Nuevo State Reserve.

Peru: Indigenous Seize 11 Oil Wells Demanding Spill Clean UP

Peruvian indigenous protesters seized oil wells in an Amazonian oil block Tuesday to press the government to respond to demands for compensation due to the pollution caused by the petroleum operations. The protesters from the Achuar indigenous communities said they also plan to halt output in a nearby concession.

Even the Bottom of the Grand Canyon is Now Contaminated

By almost any calculation, the Colorado River at the bottom of the Grand Canyon is one of the most isolated places in the contiguous United States. Although about half a million people a year hike Grand Canyon trails, only a tiny fraction of them make the arduous trek to the bottom, almost a mile from the surface.