The surprising way that climate change could worsen East Coast blizzards

As the East Coast digs out from the enormous snowfalls of Winter Storm Jonas, a prominent climate scientist has drawn a connection between the storm, warm ocean temperatures off the U.S. and a slowdown of ocean circulation in the North Atlantic that may also be behind a much discussed cold ‘blob ‘ to the southeast of Greenland.

U.S. wildfires just set an amazing and troubling new record

Last year’s wildfire season set a record with more than 10 million acres burned. That’s more land than Maryland, the District and Delaware combined. More than half the total was the result of mega-fires in Alaska, where dryness due to historically low mountain snowpack and a freak lightning storm created perfect conditions for a huge blaze.

Mississippi River inundates southern Illinois; Memphis is next

Are you within sight of floodwater? Share your photos and videos here , or post them on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #CNNWeather. The weather can be unpredictable and dangerous, so please be safe. The deadly onslaught of rising waters and storms has killed more than two dozen people in Missouri and Illinois.
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Fires rapidly claim more forests and peatland in the Arctic

The Hoarfrost fire, christened ZF-007 by the Northwest Territories’ Department of Environment and Natural Resources, was one of 385 that scorched the area’s boreal landscape last year. The unparalleled fire season consumed a record 8.4 million acres of forest and peatland, six times as much as in an average year.
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