On MLK Day, environmental justice deserves a key role

January 18, 2016 Environmental Health News As people around the country celebrate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr., there’s a Michigan community lacking the most basic of human rights: water. The fallout continues in Flint, Michigan, as the city’s water is leaching lead from old pipes.

Doctors Publicly Call for Residents to EVACUATE Los Angeles, Chatsworth, Northridge and Granada Hills, CA over Toxic Fumes from Well Leak

Doctors in Los Angeles are urging people exposed to a gas leak from a broken natural gas well, to EVACUATE THE AREA to stop breathing toxic fumes. According to health professionals, hundreds of citizens are suffering severe effects from breathing methane and volatile chemical carbons in gases being released from underground from a cracked natural gas well on the Porter Ranch in the Aliso CCanyon outside of Los Angeles.

The North Carolina town that’s scared of solar panels, revisited

On December 8, a modest local newspaper, the Roanoke-Chowan News-Herald, published a story that ended up going viral, bouncing from Reddit to more than 220 other sites. It caused such buzz that even Snopes checked it out. The story was about a town council meeting in Woodland, a North Carolina town with just over 800 residents.
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