The Great Bear Rainforest: Canada’s gift to the world

Great Bear Rainforest
A deal to finalize the protection of the largest coastal temperate rainforest left on Earth is imminent. Covering a massive swath of Canada’s Pacific coast, the Great Bear Rainforest agreement will be one of the world’s most complex environmental victories and stands to be a global model for overcoming viciously intractable conflicts.

Canada’s Oilsands GHG emissions to double by 2030

Catherine McKenna
Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says “more needs to be done” to curb greenhouse gas emissions, as new data show Canada is drifting further away from its climate targets while the oilsands’ share of national greenhouse emissions is projected to double by 2030.

Alberta fracking site closed after earthquake

Cracks in Conrete
An energy company has halted hydraulic fracturing at a site in northwest Alberta after the area’s largest earthquake in more than a year. Repsol Oil & Gas Canada, a subsidiary of Spanish energy company Repsol S.A., was fracking at its location near Fox Creek when the seismic activity occurred.

Canada oil sands producers now lose money on every barrel -report

The network of roads reminded me of a claw or tentacles. It illustrated to me the way in which the tentacles of the tar sands reach out and wreak havoc and destruction. Proposed pipelines to American Midwest, Mackenzie Valley, and through the Great Bear Rainforest will bring new threats to these regions while the pipelines  fuel new markets and ensure the proposed five fold expansion of the Tar Sands.
CALGARY, Alberta, Jan 19- All of Canada’s 2.3 million barrels per day of oil sands output is being produced at a steep loss at current crude prices, despite the weak Canadian dollar and a sharp squeeze lower in operating costs, analysts at TD Securities said on Tuesday.
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Fracking in Alberta: daily quakes and thirsty residents

One earthquake is recorded on average each day in a western Canadian region where companies extract oil by fracking, according to statistics published by the Canadian province’s energy regulatory agency. The Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) said Friday that in the last year alone, there were 363 tremors in and around Fox Creek, a small town of 2,000 inhabitants located 260 kilometers (160 miles) northwest of Edmonton.
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B.C. government formally opposes Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion

British Columbia has put its foot down on Kinder Morgan’s controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. In a final written submission to the National Energy Board (NEB) on Monday, the provincial government announced it would not support the hotly-debated proposal based on Kinder Morgan’s failure to prove it would meet stringent “world leading” oil spill safety requirements.

Canada is selling its clean air to China

canned air
The air in China’s major cities, as has been well documented, is atrocious. Last month, the smog choking parts of the country was so thick that the situation got widely described as having reached ” doomsday” levels.