China says no to new coal mines

China will not allow new coal mines in the next three years, according to reports. Nur Bekri, Head of the country’s National Energy Administration reportedly said it will block any proposed coal mine project until at least 2019. China will also establish a mechanism to control coal-fired plants construction and production.

Canada is selling its clean air to China

canned air
The air in China’s major cities, as has been well documented, is atrocious. Last month, the smog choking parts of the country was so thick that the situation got widely described as having reached ” doomsday” levels.

Study links dengue epidemics to high temperatures in Southeast Asia

High temperatures are the driving factor behind massive dengue outbreaks in Southeast Asia, researchers have found. Though the infection waxes and wanes among many variables like human movement, rainfall, mosquito vector abundance and host immunity, heat emerged as the standout factor in large dengue epidemics.
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Torrential rains increasing in warming world: study

rain Asia
The report adds to evidence that rising man-made greenhouse gas emissions are stoking extremes from heatwaves to precipitation. Warmer air absorbs more moisture, which then can be dumped in downpours. “We find a clear overall upward trend for these unprecedented hazards,” lead author Jascha Lehmann of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research said in a statement.

Global warming to halve Japan’s Niigata prefecture snowfall by century end

Japan Snowfall
A government climate impact study has shown that average annual snowfalls in areas such as Niigata Prefecture will decrease more than one meter at the end of this century from the current rate if no steps are taken against global warming.The projections, released by the Environment Ministry and the Japan Meteorological Agency on Friday, were made for every 20-kilometer-square area using computer calculations based on the latest scenarios by the UN Intergovenrmental Panel on Climate Change.