El Niño Keeps Antarctic Sea Ice From Another Record Max

In the last few years, the fringe of sea ice that surrounds Antarctica has continually reached record high levels, in stark opposition to the long-term decline of sea ice in the Arctic. But this year, the end-of-winter peak in Antarctica has been decidedly lower and scientists say a strong El Niño is the likely reason for the abrupt shift.

Strong geothermal heating measured beneath West Antarctic Ice Sheet

SANTA CRUZ, Calif., July 10 (UPI) — A surprisingly high amount of geothermal heating has been measured underneath the West Antarctic Ice Sheet by researchers at the University of California, Santa Cruz. Using a lengthy probe, researchers measured the flow of heat in the sediments below the ice sheet.
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You don’t have to be a penguin to worry about thaw

Was it a technical malfunction? An anomaly? Perhaps a warm breeze that blew by in just the right place at just the right time? This week, a weather station in Antarctica reported a 63.5-degree temperature reading, the warmest ever recorded on the continent.

Warm water channel found under one of Antarctica’s largest glaciers

Scientists have discovered two pathways that are likely channelling warm ocean water under a massive Antarctic glacier, which could contribute to rising global sea levels, a study revealed on Tuesday. The 75 mile-long Totten Glacier , more than 18 miles wide, is the largest in East Antarctica and melting more quickly than others in the area.

The New West Antarctica Is East Antarctica

Even if you’re lucky enough that there’s an ice runway where you want to land in Antarctica, that doesn’t mean the weather will allow you to. And then, even if your plane is equipped to fly for eight hours, at some point, you do have to find a way to stop flying.