Fracking-well monitors find high pollution levels
CLEVELAND – A study in a rural Ohio county where oil and gas drilling is booming found air-pollution levels near well sites higher than those in downtown Chicago. A team from the University of Cincinnati and Oregon State University placed 25 monitors as close as one-tenth of a mile from gas wells in Carroll County, about 140 miles northeast of Columbus.

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the-dangers-of-frackingOur attention is divided by so many issues these days but support of bill A2108/S1041 that will prohibit the treatment, discharge, disposal or storage of wastewater and other byproducts of hydraulic fracturing, or “fracking” in New Jersey should not be overlooked. Many of us had already contacted our governor to encourage him to sign the bill that has earned bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. New Jersey is one of the nation’s most populated states and we cannot afford to have the safety of our water compromised. Learning how to deal with the contaminated waste of fracking is perhaps the biggest threat this process poses to water systems.  We are concerned about how the toxic waste containing known carcinogens (and yet whose composition is inexplicably protected by exemptions to the Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, Safe Drinking Water Act, National Environmental Policy Act, Resource Conservation and Recovery Act also known as the SuperFund, and Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act) will affect the drinking water of our children and their children.


It is with great disappointment that Governor Christie’s vetoed a similar bill when it was before him in 2012 and has vetoed it once again despite the overwhelming support of legislators from his own party. No New Jersey treatment plants have been designed to treat wastewater from hydraulic fracturing and none of our facilities are permitted to process highly radioactive elements.


QUENCH is a fledgling grassroots effort, joining the over 80 (and growing!) number of groups concerned about our environment and the legacy we leave our children. We are raising our voices to let the governor know of our dissatisfaction with what appear to be excuses rather than reasons for failing to get behind our legislators.  This is not a partisan issue, we all drink water and we all shower.  We hope you will also find this an issue which, like ourselves, you believe cannot be ignored. Make sure your divided attention includes a call to legislators. Let them know we need to extend water protections and demand an over ride vote on the bill to Ban Frack Waste.

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